Wholesale Distribution Services

IMG_1910At Kraft, we understand that planning, procuring and managing inventory is a top priority for wholesale distribution companies. Our consultants work with businesses to plan, design and deploy technology solutions that provide visibility across all channels for a distribution company. We can help you optimize inventory levels across various locations and channels to maximize profitability and ensure you have the right product in the right place at the right time. At Kraft we deploy NetSuite to enhance inventory management for distribution businesses.

Order Management:

Engage with your customers on their terms. Accept orders online, via phone, direct sales representative or EDI. PCI compliant credit card processing ensures prompt payment from customers in a secure, mobile environment. Understand which sales channels are generating the most revenue and profit the business.

Supplier Collaboration:

Work with suppliers to ensure appropriate procurement processes. Collaborate with your vendors via EDI or portals to communicate effectively and ensure timely delivery of inventory. Kraft consultants understand that the supply chain is the lifeblood of an organization to ensure proper customer service. We can help create an integrated supply chain management plan.

Warehouse Management:

Optimize the space in your warehouse with bin management and space optimization. With RFID technology, Kraft consultants can help your business create an optimized warehouse and maximize inventory turns. Keep your warehouse organized with putaway strategies to ensure inventory lives in its proper place. Don’t waste time looking for stock in your warehouse, be certain of inventory levels and placement with Kraft and NetSuite.

Fulfill Orders Timely:

Streamline the fulfillment process and proactively communicate with customers about their orders. Reduce the time it takes to fulfill orders by managing available to promise inventory customer due dates in a single system. Ensure that your warehouse knows when orders need to ship and where inventory is in the warehouse. With pick strategies, NetSuite and Kraft can optimize the operational tasks of picking orders in your organization’s warehouse.