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You Can’t Be Everywhere At Once…But Your ERP Can!

Running a regional or global business can be a challenge, to put it lightly.  You simply can’t be everywhere at once or travel to each location often enough to see, first-hand, how each location is functioning.  The next best thing to cloning yourself is to implement a single, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that…

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Have Your Important Business Data in Your Pocket

Many of us wouldn’t leave the house without our favorite suit or lucky tie the morning we meet with our biggest customer or to discuss business with the shareholders. Although that hasn’t changed much, there is another thing you never want to leave home without for those important meetings. Having your most valued business data…

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Free BI Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

It is no secret that Microsoft SQL Server is the database solution chosen by many organizations. One report from claims that Microsoft SQL Server leads the pack with a 46% market share, more than double that of Oracle. What may surprise some organizations is that owning Microsoft SQL Server means they also own Microsoft…

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