Digital Transformation

Technology and the right touch of consulting create the path for an organization to achieve digital transformation. Customers are everywhere and your business must be ready, available and able to respond when a selling opportunity arises. Engaging at the right time with customers is critical to the future success of most businesses. With Kraft you get the best of both worlds: Real experience and best in class technology together to deploy transformative technology for mid-market companies.

Customer Management:

Track, manage and respond to customer buying habits across various channels. Understand customer buying behavior and patterns to offer relevant deals to customers. Respond at the right time to customers to ensure satisfaction and repeat business. Allow customers to engage with your business across all channels; online, in store and in person. Create a 360 degree view of your customers.

Marketing Management:

Increase sales by integrating marketing with the customer experience. Maximize opportunities with visibility into pipeline opportunities across all channels in which the company sells. Capitalize on customer engagement with smart marketing and analytics to drive more sales. Multi-channel marketing and promotion management will ensure your business can capture and quantify the ROI of marketing investments.

The Omni Experience:

The digital experience is about deploying the right technology at the right time with consumers to create a deeply satisfying customer experience. Understanding the consumer at a deeply personal level to cater the message and offerings to the individual is a critical aspect of a digital business. With Kraft and NetSuite, you can create a seamless experience for your customers online, in store or direct sales. If it is B2B or B2C, we have a solution to help you manage the customer experience.


Experience the Kraft Advantage with our Digital Transformation team:

  • Generate more revenue with increased sales opportunities
  • Increase customer conversions from digital assets
  • Marketing insight into customer behavior to capitalize on buying opportunities
  • Omni-channel sales capabilities for online and in-store
  • Data driven decision making integrated with real-time financials
  • Seamless technology platform creating single source of customer truth