Software Solutions for the Subscription Billing Revolution


BillFinity’s automated subscription management and billing engine addresses the growing shift to the subscription economy. Companies today are seeing a strong demand for more products and services to be utilized and billed on a subscription basis. This shift requires businesses to adopt the tools necessary to manage large transaction volumes with recurring and pay-as-you-go pricing structures. BillFinity is an automated subscription-billing engine built within NetSuite, currently available in limited release directly from Kraft Enterprise Systems, and soon to be offered as a “SuiteApp” at BillFinity is designed as an easy to use and easy to implement recurring subscription management and billing module within the NetSuite platform.

Key Features

The focus of Billfinity is to bring powerful recurring billing management capabilities to the SMB market without the burden of a complex contract management system.  The primary features of Billfinity are:

  • Automatically create ongoing subscriptions from sales activity and allow for easy ongoing updates/adjustments to subscriptions without requiring any other contract modifications.
  • Allow for easy definition of any number of Billing terms (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.) with smart logic to ensure crossing over of month-end dates, leap year, etc.
  • Allow definition of the default type of renewal transaction to create at billing (sales order or direct to invoice) along with the ability to generate these transactions at any specified number of days in advance of renewal.
  • If credit card information is stored on the customer (fully PCI compliant), automatically create payment records and apply to the invoices created as part of the renewal process.
  • Take full advantage of NetSuite Advanced Revenue Recognition Management, with all revenue recognition schedules automatically created based on term, but allow for easy modification.
  • The ability to do extensive MRR/ARR reporting and forecasting.
  • Pay a low monthly fee and avoid per transaction charges.
  • Minimal implementation time.

Target Customer and System Requirements

BillFinity is specifically designed for entities that are currently using or are looking to purchase the NetSuite ERP platform and need subscription billing software. Billfinity is specifically applicable to any organization that has any type of recurring billing. Common applications are for recurring services, royalties, and various types of subscriptions.

Customer NetSuite Installation Prerequisites:

  • NetSuite Core Financials
  • NetSuite Revenue Management

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