Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Set to Release December 1, 2017

By Hans Stabell, Microsoft Dynamics GP Practice Director
Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC

Microsoft is listening to the user community, as we will see in the upcoming release of Dynamics GP 2018. This new version will include the features most requested by the GP community including:

  • Improved Workflow including reminder emails, workflow history report and GL account approval workflow
  • Optimized Finance and HR experience
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Updates and improvements to the Power Suite
  • Comprehensive Document Attachment:
    • Doc Attach added to the Journal Entry
    • Ability to view and modify attachments in inquiry windows

So, should you upgrade?

One major consideration should be that as of April 2018, Dynamics GP 2013 goes to extended support. This means that there will be no tax or year end updates of any kind for this and earlier versions of Dynamics GP.

You should also consider a few other things as you prepare and plan for the upgrade:

  • Who will be performing the upgrade?
  • What 3rd Party or ISV solutions do you currently use?
  • Do you have any 3rd Party or ISV solutions that you no longer need?
  • Do you have any integrations to/from Dynamics GP?
  • Will you move servers or change the environment?
  • Do you want an on premise or a hosted ERP solution?

Remember to give yourself time to prepare and plan for the upgrade. Doing so will make the process easier, minimize disruption for the team and minimize the financial cost of the upgrade.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your upgrade to Dynamics GP 2018, please contact me at