Project management efficiencies lead to more profit for service companies

By Glenn Saunders – Project and resource management software can create efficient and repeatable business processes for service companies. There are various levels of maturity in service organizations as outlined in the Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Study from SPI Research. Project management software should allow for visibility into the project status, enable ease of communications[…]

100% ROI Achieved With KES and Enterprise Document Management

Document Imaging vs. Document Management   By Chrystal Chambers, Kraft Enterprise Systems If you have been in the business world in the last 10 years, you have likely had the ‘Paperless’ conversation at some point within your organization.  The most common first step toward going paperless is to start turning paper into electronic images.  You[…]

Service Industries Grew Faster Than Expected In July

Service industries in the U.S. got a positive boost when their July numbers showed more expansion than in the previous month, reported recently. However, this growth is tempered by ongoing political and economic challenges. Experts see the growth as a good sign. Hopefully companies will feel comfortable enough with the economy to make investments in people and technology.

What Role Are Service Industries Playing In The Economic Recovery?

The service sector is leading the way in the economic recovery. Three years after the recession officially ended, more than 70 percent of the service industries jobs lost have returned, according to an article on The service industry also is seeing an increase in the number of smaller firms, from attorneys to CPAs, tax services and financial planning.