What Common Elements Do Project And Organization Management Share?

Applying the same strategies that make a project successful to the management of an organization will provide even more positive long-term benefits. A recent Project Management Hut article points out that the factors needed to ensure a successful project — timeliness, quality, attainment of business goals and objectives and good workflow — are the same elements needed for a successful company.

Could A PMO Save You Money On IT Projects?

Getting the most out of your IT project implementations takes more than a project plan. It takes coordination of the software, people working on the project and often, departments across the entire project. It’s for this reason that many businesses are considering creating a project management office. PMOs can save a company millions of dollars on an IT project, according to a ComputerWorld UK article.

Are You Getting The Most From Your Employees?

When you think about your supply chain, products, suppliers and transportation often come to mind. But do you consider your employees as part of that chain? People can be both a great strength and weakness for the supply chain. Often human error can present a major challenge, according to an article on CFO.com. Training is often viewed as an expense, but it should be viewed as a purposeful investment.

How Can An End-To-End Solution Improve Your Business?

Companies are expanding their accounting system capabilities beyond back office data capture to include industry specific features, cloud-based connections and mobile access. That’s according to a report from Nucleus Research highlighted in a Business Wire article on SYS-Con Media. Having all the data in a single environment gives enterprises better visibility and enhanced data management.

4 Reasons To Consider Workforce Analytics

Advanced workforce analytics are enabling enterprises to make better hiring and staffing decisions. Service organizations, which rely on human capital, need this kind of information. An article on Deloitte’s blog outlines four factors that are driving companies to consider advanced analytics tools: the need to look forward; workforce complexity; untapped data; and the cloud reducing entry barriers.

Is Human Resource Management Software Microsoft’s Next Step?

Human Resource Management software is in growing demand, and Microsoft is in a unique position to etch out a corner of the burgeoning market. HRM is vital to service-based organizations, and as the United States turns toward a service-based economy, the software will grow in popularity. Microsoft isn’t pursuing the HRM software market yet, but if it does, it could hold all the cards.