Project management efficiencies lead to more profit for service companies

By Glenn Saunders – Project and resource management software can create efficient and repeatable business processes for service companies. There are various levels of maturity in service organizations as outlined in the Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Study from SPI Research. Project management software should allow for visibility into the project status, enable ease of communications[…]

How Transferable is Your “Travel Knowledge”?

What would you do if one of your talented employees should win the lottery and leave their job? Well, the odds of an employee winning the lottery may be slim, but the reality is that when any employee leaves the office, they often take what we like to call “travel knowledge”. They may have elaborate[…]

Why Is Organizational Change The Key A Successful ERP Implementation?

Though customization can help, organizational change management is needed to get the most out of a cloud-based ERP implementation, according to an article on the Panorama Consulting Solutions website. The key to employee buy-in is involving them early in the process and explaining the benefits. They need to feel like they have a say in the outcome.

5 ERP Implementation Mistakes To Avoid

You’re never going to be 100 percent prepared for every possible scenario when managing a project such as an ERP implementation. But companies can take steps to ensure that the project runs more smoothly by adopting better practices, an article on the Project Management Hut website explains. Avoiding five common mistakes also can go a long way.

4 Dominant ERP Implementation Trends

Shifts in technology, the economy and social media are impacting ERP implementation. An article on the Enterprise Apps Today website highlights four of the most important ERP trends: customer power; best-of-breed revival; best of both worlds; and little growth in social ERP. Everyone wants the ability to access information at anytime from anywhere.