Have Your Important Business Data in Your Pocket

Many of us wouldn’t leave the house without our favorite suit or lucky tie the morning we meet with our biggest customer or to discuss business with the shareholders. Although that hasn’t changed much, there is another thing you never want to leave home without for those important meetings. Having your most valued business data[…]

The Two Most Important Features to Accounting Software

A common deciding factor for businesses evaluating accounting software is the tool’s ease of use. If the user interface is modern and easy to use, then users are drawn to it. However, the ease of use can get companies into a bind. For example, entry-level accounting software can be very easy to use, but if[…]

The Future of E-Invoicing Just Got Brighter for SMEs

Electronic trading and EDI have been around since the 1970s and the hard evidence shows that adopting e-invoicing can significantly reduce costs, improve processes and increase essential visibility. So why do only 20% of companies send invoices electronically? Also why are these organizations predominantly large ones? Fundamentally there are three main barriers companies face when[…]

Top 5 Ways Predictive Analytics Will Transform Your Business

Advancements in technology and the expansion of cloud computing allow companies to analyze more data than ever.  Consumers are also creating more data than ever recorded in human history.  Over 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute onto YouTube.  That single statistic is staggering if you consider over 90% of the data created throughout[…]

How Can NetSuite Cloud Financial Software Increase Revenue And Customer Satisfaction?

Increasing revenue is a primary growth component for many organizations. However, as sales improve, customer satisfaction can sometimes slip. That’s where cloud financial software from NetSuite can help. The world’s leading cloud ERP system allows businesses to adapt to any changes while increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.