The Problem With Spreadsheets, Part 1: Basic Math

You would be hard-pressed to find an office that doesn’t use spreadsheets to collect and share important data. In this 4-part blog series, we explore several of the biggest problems with relying on spreadsheets, starting with the problem of basic math. According to an article posted on MSN Money, 88% of spreadsheets have errors in[…]

Aren’t Collections a Pain in the Neck?

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to make phone call after phone call to collect payments for services rendered.  Collections can be an expensive part of running a business.  The longer they are outstanding, the more it hurts our finances and cash flow.  Switching up the accounting processes may help close the cycle and[…]

Growing at Warp Speed

Your business is really taking off and you have customer orders coming in faster than your team can handle them.  What a great problem to have, until things start falling through the cracks.  If orders aren’t entered quickly, then deliveries will be delayed.  If accounting doesn’t get invoices out, you won’t get paid.  Business growth[…]

Untangle Your Hairball of Data

Many years ago, there used to be only a few, very expensive choices for comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) business management software.  Most businesses couldn’t afford to implement these pioneering applications, nor did they have the time for the often lengthy deployment and training phase.  As a result, specialty software programs became popular, which created[…]

How to Become a Sales Tax Rock Star

How many of the following terms can you define? Amazon Laws Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 (MFA) Click-through Nexus Affiliate Nexus Consumer Use Notification If you can define all six, congratulations! You’re a sales tax rock star! For the rest of you, download The End of Nexus & Other Sales Tax[…]

The Ultimate Faceoff: Accounting Software vs. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

As a small or mid-sized business owner, you will eventually be faced with the decision to upgrade your accounting software or invest in an ERP solution.  When you come to that crossroad, consider what you need out of your business software and what you are getting with the next upgrade.  Although it may be cheaper[…]

How to Master Your Touchdown Dance as You Head into that Second Quarter

We have completed the first quarter of this calendar year and are heading toward the halfway mark in the second quarter.  What have you discovered in the first quarter’s data that may influence the second quarter results?  If you are still shocked that some businesses already have first quarter results in their hands, then I wager[…]

Sleep Like a Baby by Following 5 Simple Steps

What keeps you awake at night??  Most business owners have concerns that keep them awake.  For me, it is ensuring that I have done everything possible to make my clients successful and of course closing that next big sales opportunity.  In my industry, I form partnerships that last for years so I must ensure the[…]

Have Your Important Business Data in Your Pocket

Many of us wouldn’t leave the house without our favorite suit or lucky tie the morning we meet with our biggest customer or to discuss business with the shareholders. Although that hasn’t changed much, there is another thing you never want to leave home without for those important meetings. Having your most valued business data[…]

The Two Most Important Features to Accounting Software

A common deciding factor for businesses evaluating accounting software is the tool’s ease of use. If the user interface is modern and easy to use, then users are drawn to it. However, the ease of use can get companies into a bind. For example, entry-level accounting software can be very easy to use, but if[…]