Budgeting and Forecasting

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Remove barriers to your budgeting and forecasting process with intuitive, easy to use software from Adaptive Insights. Cloud-based Adaptive Insights has been shown to increase productivity by more than 70%. With an end-to-end corporate performance management solution, gain insights into revenue, expense and personnel planning within a single data source.  Use engaging visualizations to provide valuable insights to your business owners.

The Kraft team are experts in helping create an integrated business plan without the limitations of Excel. For too long, Excel has dominated the business budgeting process creating headaches and errors for many financial planning experts. Now, with Adaptive Insights and Kraft consultants you can create a seamless, collaborative process across the organization.


Generate rolling forecasts with the push of a button. Plan from the top-down, bottom-up or a combination of both to create a business plan the entire organization can agree to.  Collaborate across multiple versions of a plan to determine how to adapt your organization and have a data-driven business model.

Work with the Kraft team to create a budget model that matches your organization’s needs. Satisfy stakeholders and report on the metrics that matter while allowing employees closest to the data to plan for an integrated performance management experience.

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