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Is your company ignoring project governance? How about making arbitrary changes to scope? Are project-related communications being ignored?

Those are all ways to drive an ERP project manager crazy. Even worse, they’re all guaranteed ways to sink the project.

An article on the Panorama Consulting Solutions blog outlines five pitfalls to avoid during an ERP implementation.

  1. Failing to communicate: Communication is the key during an ERP implementation. It’s important to clearly and effectively communicate goals, expected outcomes and the actual performance monitoring. All of that must be properly identified and reported on in order to understand what’s being done and where you are in the process.
  2. Changing project scope arbitrarily: Scope should be set at the beginning and become more defined after going through a few processes. Project managers need time to plan for the impact of changes.
  3. Ignoring project governance: Any project alterations should go through a change control process to make sure that whomever is footing the bill — such as a company’s stakeholders — are OK with the change of scope. If someone makes changes and doesn’t effectively report them, it could lead to extreme cost overruns and delays in the project. Just as troublesome, it also might create features that the department doesn’t even want or need.
  4. Disregarding the project schedule: Adhering to the schedule, including the small, intermediate milestones along the way, is critical to keeping the project on track. Ignoring the schedule means negating the work of your project manager, the Panorama Consulting Services article warns.
  5. Ignoring the performance of the project team: The quicker that any issues with team members are recognized, the quicker they can be resolved.

Source: Panorama Consulting Solutions, December 2012