Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Set to Release December 1, 2017

By Hans Stabell, Microsoft Dynamics GP Practice Director Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC Microsoft is listening to the user community, as we will see in the upcoming release of Dynamics GP 2018. This new version will include the features most requested by the GP community including: Improved Workflow including reminder emails, workflow history report and GL[…]

Ready to Migrate from Annual Budgets to Rolling Forecasts?

By Bob Hansen, Editor of the Adaptive Insights Blog Companies often spend weeks or months developing an annual plan or budget, but by the time they’re finished, the market has changed and the budget has become obsolete. There’s a better way: rolling forecasts. What is a Rolling Forecast? Instead of being once-a-year exercises, rolling forecasts[…]

Built to Run a Business: NetSuite’s Secret to Customer Success

By Paul Farrell, VP of Product Marketing, Oracle NetSuite A key factor in NetSuite’s success from Day One was the overarching goal of the company. NetSuite was built to run a business. The suite includes many outstanding capabilities, built in from the ground up, including: pure cloud architecture; built-in Business Intelligence; customization framework; ecommerce; and[…]